ProWorld’s mission is to promote social and economic development, empower communities, and cultivate educated compassionate global citizens.
The ProWorld Service Corps offers profound 2 to 48 week cultural, service, and academic experiences in Peru, Belize and Mexico.

We have focused on developing relationships with communities throughout Peru, Belize, and Mexico since our founding in 1998; building trust and understanding between ourselves and our hosts. Ensured of this strong foundation, our first program began in May of 2000. Since then, hundreds of students and volunteers have joined our programs to perform service projects, internships, and semester programs throughout Peru, Belize, and Mexico.

While our projects often have modest beginnings, they are remarkably successful, thorough, and perhaps most importantly, all are chosen based on communities’ assessments of their own needs.

In the spirit of collaboration and mutual learning, we will continue to unite our volunteers with Peruvian, Belizean, and Mexican communities. We believe there is much we can learn from each other and much we can accomplish together.
"I was able to immerse myself in the culture, find lifelong friends, and pick up the basics of an entirely new language – all while appreciating how an experienced organization navigates through the complex landscape of international development.”  - Leigh
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