Program Options
The ProWorld Service Corps continually seeks dynamic and motivated individuals to help drive its development efforts forward. For those individuals who apply there are two fundamental questions that must be answered: what type of program and what type of project. The five program models for participation are:

Semester Abroad — fully accredited academic program, independent and group projects, available each fall and spring semester.

NGO Internships — Independent and small team projects are based on community need and your skills, available throughout the year at each site.

Field Internships — Remote individual project placements based on the needs of the community and skills of each volunteer

Group Programs — a team of volunteers work on one or two large projects like building a school, available throughout the year for individuals joining our pre-established group dates.

Faculty Led and Private Group Programs — ProWorld works with leaders and faculty to customize each program to meet the needs of the group. Throughout the process of program development, marketing, preparation, experience and follow up ProWorld staff members are actively involved to ensure a high quality experience for leaders, participants and our host community. Available throughout the year at all sites.

"My experiences as a volunteer more than lived up to the promises in the brochure and have taught me a lot more than I expected." - Mark
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