What will you do?
ProWorld programs combine development work, language instruction, and cultural immersion to create a challenging and rewarding experience for participants.
Development Projects
You may be building cleaner-burning stoves in High Andean communities or caring for elderly Oaxacans in Mexico or protecting children’s rights in Belize. No matter the project, all ProWorld participants work with local residents on hands-on, community-driven projects. These collaborative development projects are at the core of all ProWorld programs. Projects range from small, single day infrastructural improvements to multi-year initiatives incorporating all the ProWorld project portfolios. Projects include but are not limited to working in health clinics, building schools, starting and supporting micro-businesses, assisting with human rights work, teaching, and running after school programs and summer camps. To find out more about the projects, please visit the Projects pages.
Pre-Program and Orientation
Preparation and support for ProWorld programs begins well before volunteers arrive onsite. ProWorld Program Directors guide each volunteer through the application process and preparation for their program matching the needs of the community with the skills of each participant to ensure the most appropriate program.

Orientation, led by Program Directors, professors, and local community members, begins on your first day in-country. Orientation addresses health and safety, cross-cultural experiences, academic programming, team building, and international development work.

Continual Evaluation
The guidance, wisdom, and support of the ProWorld team help guarantee safe and productive program experiences. Program Directors, Project Coordinators, professors and support staff, composed of local and foreign professionals, work with participants throughout the programs. Full time staff teams provide a maximum of an 8 to 1 volunteer to staff ratio. Project Coordinators ensure that volunteers are effective in their work and that project and volunteer goals are properly achieved.

At the end of each program, volunteers participate in exit interviews with staff. These meetings provide closure and documentation for each volunteer’s project successes and experiences as well as providing valuable insight and feedback for ProWorld.
Host Communities
ProWorld works closely with each community to develop long-term and sustainable projects. These ongoing projects are supported by continual communication and collaboration with our host communities. Communities are selected on the basis of their leadership, initiative, project proposal, track record, safety, and degree of economic need.
Intensive Spanish
The programs in Peru and Mexico are also a chance for full-immersion language acquisition. Classes focus on fluency and oral communication skills and instruction is provided by highly qualified private teachers, language institutes, and universities. Projects, homestays, cultural activities and adventures also provide an excellent way to learn and improve your Spanish.
Homestay and Group Housing
Volunteers experience daily life with a local family while developing cross-cultural communication skills. ProWorld's homestay families are close community friends who provide warm, safe, and authentic living experiences. Group program volunteers live in a local guest house or hotel accommodations and share family style meals with their group. The communal housing helps solidify the team dynamic of the group program. All housing options provide volunteers with beds, indoor plumbing, and showers.
Adventure and Cultural Activities
From hiking Incan ruins to visiting Zapotec weaving communities to snorkeling in the Caribbean, adventure and cultural activities during each program highlight the beauty of our host communities and enable volunteers to gain further appreciation for the history and richness of our host cultures.

"I feel like I dove in quickly and I was fortunate to work with a welcoming, open, and trusting community that allowed me to do so.  I definitely would love to come back!" - Erin
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