Why Pay to Volunteer?
ProWorld has established long-term relationships with our host communities that would be impossible to build without long-term contributions. Individual volunteers may come and go, but ProWorld maintains its presence and relationships. ProWorld provides on-site intensive orientation that you wouldn’t get on your own. We provide the infrastructure to allow you to make a difference. We provide safe and caring homestay environments that would be impossible to create right after getting off a plane. Our staff is on-site to provide support for you and they know the people, communities, and countries.
Use of Funds:
A minimum financial contribution of $100 to $400 is made on behalf of each volunteer for their specific project, to ensure an equitable and supportive relationship with our host communities. Additionally, we invest a large portion of the volunteer’s tuition into resources to support their experience. Volunteer project contributions augment community contributions in the form of local staff salaries, homestay support, and purchases of goods and services on behalf of the volunteer.

ProWorld has contributed in excess of $120,000 directly to community projects and infused over $1.4M into our host communities, based on this business and development model.

ProWorld has competitive prices for our program, we provide everything from project funding to staff support to room and board.  Our programs run throughout the year, and we will help you find funding and get credit for your program. 

"I had a life changing experience while I was here and I feel extremely grateful to each of you for putting me with a wonderful family, great classes and an amazing project opportunity." - Maggie
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