Academic Credits and Transcripts
Jacksonville University (JU) accredits the ProPeru semester programs. The University of Belize (UB) accredits the ProBelize semester programs. Western Washington University (WWU) accredits the ProMexico semester programs in conjunction with the Southwest Center for International Studies. 

Students receive an official transcript and undergraduate credits from the accrediting school upon successful completion of a ProWorld semester program. Credits are specific to the courses at each program site.

ProWorld has an agreement with Seattle Central Community College to offer credits for our internships.  Internships are also often accredited by a student’s home university. ProWorld Project Coordinators supervise and review the performance of interns.

Please, meet with your study abroad or academic advisor prior to the program to ensure credits transfer appropriately.

"Personally coming to Belize was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After this experience I’ll never forget Belize! I expect that I’ll return in the future." - WWU Student
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