How to Apply

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  1. Evaluation and Confirmation
    Upon evaluation and acceptance of your application, ProWorld responds within 2 weeks with a complete welcome package, project placement evaluation, and introduction to your personal home page at
  2. Preparation, Interview and Forms
    We contact you 4-8 weeks before your program to discuss additional details of your project and program. You submit all forms and payment 2-6 weeks before your program starts. We contact you just before your trip to answer any last minute questions.
  3. Travel, Orientation, and Experience
    You travel to your program site to begin your orientation and program experience!
  4. Alumni Network
    You collaborate with a growing network of exceptional ProWorld Alumni.
"My co-workers gave me so much responsibility - I got to lead consulting projects, write articles, and give a tourist's perspective on Peruvian crafts." - Madeleine
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