Behavioral Expectations
By joining a ProWorld Program, the participant assumes certain obligations to ProWorld, its community, and other program participants. If on-site program directors determine a participant fails to meet the behavioral expectations set out in this contract, that participant will be asked to leave the program. Participants asked to leave under these circumstances will not receive a refund. In addition to other program responsibilities, as a program participant you are responsible for:
  • Being in sufficient good health to undertake the program.
  • Acting in an appropriate and respectful manner towards the local people, fellow travelers, program participants, and staff in accordance with the customs, laws, regulations, and ordinances of Peru, Belize or Mexico.
  • Communicating effectively your interests, skills, limitations, and needs to home community members and program staff members.
Extension Policy
Volunteers already onsite may extend their program if given approval from the site director. Site directors must consider the following in approving an extension:
  • Project availability
  • Home stay availability
  • Quality of participant

Requests for extensions should be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the extension. Most extensions are approved. The procedure for a program extension is:

  • Volunteer must submit a written request via email or note to the site director indicating dates
  • The note must be saved
  • Site director reviews and approves/denies the request
  • Site director informs the US or UK office of the extension
  • Site director informs the volunteer to submit payment for extension

Payment can be made online or by check

Program Flexibility and Safety
ProWorld programs are different from travel or adventure programs. Each development project and internship is unique and often cannot be implemented exactly as planned for a variety of reasons. There are numerous factors, though closely monitored, that are beyond our control. Applicants are advised that these variables may require changes before or during a program. Part of the challenge and growth opportunity is in adapting to changing conditions and overcoming the obstacles they may present.

Refund Policy
The program deposit of $200 / £125 will be applied towards the total program fee. The program deposit is non-refundable for Participants who have been accepted into the program. The program deposit will be fully refunded to non-successful Participants. If the Participant cancels for any reason, the Participant must notify ProWorld in writing. The cancellation will be effective upon receipt of the writing by ProWorld at its US or UK administrative office. Careful planning goes into developing study abroad and volunteer programs. As a result, ProWorld incurs substantial administrative and planning costs prior to the start of each program. Participants who cancel more than 2 weeks prior to the program start will receive a refund on the program fee paid, less the deposit. Individuals who cancel or shorten their program less than 2 weeks prior to the program start or during the program will not receive a refund.

Trip Cancellations
ProWorld reserves the right to cancel any program if there are insufficient registrants or if ProWorld determines it is in the best interest of the applicant's safety and quality of programming to cancel the program. ProWorld is not responsible for other costs incurred by applicants preparing for the trip. Should a program be cancelled, applicants will be offered the option of positions in other ProWorld Programs or a full refund on all fees paid.

Travel Documents and Insurance
All participants must possess a valid passport for their ProWorld trip. Participants are responsible for any costs associated with visas, airport taxes, obtaining the proper travel documents for their trip, and changes to flight itineraries. ProWorld provides health and travel insurance for all participants.

“I was really happy with the program. I don’ think I could have had a better experience." - Dominique
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