ProWorld awards thousands of dollars in scholarships and discounts every year. In addition, ProWorld can help you fundraise, seek other scholarships, and work with your study abroad office to transfer financial aid to pay for your program.

Financial Aid

We recognize that cost is one of the biggest challenges for students seeking to study abroad. ProWorld is committed to helping every interested student find a way to make the program of their choice possible. We work closely with your study abroad advisor to ensure your financial aid covers your program fees.

Scholarships and Fundraising

We have compiled a Scholarship and Fundraising kit to assist you in reaching your goal of joining ProWorld. Many ProWorld Service Corps volunteers have had great success funding their trips through various sponsorships. They have returned with a sense of fulfillment, knowing that their fundraising efforts not only promoted awareness of global issues, but also made possible the opportunity of a lifetime.

In this kit you will find:

  • Scholarship Information
  • Guide to fundraising
  • Application for ProWorld Scholarships

"The lack of money has always kept me from doing things that I may have wanted to do, but since Study Abroad at my school is required for a language major I fundraised and found grants that I could get through the school. Now I am just so extremely beyond happy that ProPeru did not become another one of my lost wishes." – Tiffany
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