ProWorld Custom and Special Programs
Group Volunteer Projects offer individuals a balance of cultural interaction, service work, and a team experience. Volunteers join a team and a host community to work side by side on a focused development project. Private Group Programs are fully-customizable from projects to academics to living.
Projects form the core of every ProWorld program.  Through collaboration and shared learning, members of your team work toward completing a group project. Participants need no prior experience, Spanish language ability, or specific skills, only a desire to help the best they can. At the end of each program, volunteers see that their work has made a difference in the lives of others.
Projects are chosen based on the needs of communities, specific group interests, and length of program. All projects include a community collaboration of at least 10% of project costs or 50% of project labor.

Join us for a Winter Break, a Yoga and Service Program in Peru, a Summer Semester in Peru, Health Care work in Belize, Marine Biology study in Belize, or customize a group of your own.
"I had the unique opportunity to completely engulf myself into a new culture while helping to contribute to sustainable development with the support from the staff at ProPeru.” - Matt
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