– From the Field Profiles

ProWorld participants make a difference in the communities where they work. All of our projects are community guided and volunteer driven. Without our participants, ProWorld couldn’t continue the sustainable development work that is at the core of our mission.

Read about some of our participants and volunteer of the year nominees and winners in their own words and find out what they’ve been doing in the field.

Amanda, Peru, Semester Tiffany, Peru, Semester
Hannah, Peru, Health Mark, Peru, Environment
Geoff, Peru, Environment Francoise, Peru, Environment
Bijal, Peru, Ecotourism Arnab, Peru, Ecotourism
Paul, Peru, Ecotourism Benjamin, Peru, Agrotourism
Weiwen, Peru, Education Emma Kate, Belize, Health
Mark, Belize, Journalism Molly, Belize, Education
Jo, Belize, Women Dev. Ana, Mexico, Health
Pamela, Mexico, Healthcare Issy, Mexico, Community Dev.
Libby, Mexico, Community Dev. Heather, Mexico, Community Dev.

"The lack of money has always kept me from doing things that I may have wanted to do, but since Study Abroad at my school is required for a language major I fundraised and found grants that I could get through the school. Now I am just so extremely beyond happy that ProPeru did not become another one of my lost wishes." – Tiffany
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