Tiffany Davis, ProPeru Semester Student

Peru was a lot to adjust to, but it has been great. The family life has been a change for me, but it is wonderful because my host family really takes care of me. I came down with advanced Spanish, but I’ve noticed a lot of things I’ve said wrong. The Spanish classes are helping, but my family is really helping a lot.

The weekend adventure to Moray and Salineras was great. The hike was a challenge at that altitude but we worked through it and I never felt like anybody was pushing me uncomfortably. Moray opened my eyes too, I never knew about the Incan agricultural tests, how they worked with temperature and altitude.

The irrigation project at HuaynaColcca was also great. When I see where my tuition dollars are going, it’s worth it. It is really helping. The group finished an irrigation system in the Andean community of about 50 families to provide them with a harvest during the dry season.

I like the group; we all have different mentalities, but we have some things in common. We all want to help. We all know there is something bigger than ourselves and our lives in the States.

"I feel like I dove in quickly and I was fortunate to work with a welcoming, open, and trusting community that allowed me to do so.  I definitely would love to come back!" - Erin
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