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Intern Abroad with ProWorld
As a ProWorld Intern, you will work abroad with the community and one of our affiliated non-governmental organizations (NGO's), government social programs, or a ProWorld initiated project.  Your project is determined by community need and your skills and interests.  Project portfolios include health, the environment and social and economic development.  You will be a part of real, sustainable development.

Explore a summary of our NGO Internships that provide a unique venue for cultural immersion, professional experience, and personal growth.

A designated ProWorld Project Coordinator guides each volunteer through the project planning, execution, and conclusion phases of their program. In addition, volunteers enjoy a flexible program structure which allows them to gradually increase their level of immersion.

You can Intern Abroad in Peru, Belize, and Mexico and coming soon, India.

“My Spanish has helped out tremendously in my work in the hotel. I was pretty much promoted to an administration position solely because I can speak to most of the housekeepers." - Jenny
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