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Intern Abroad Projects - Make a Difference
ProWorld teams in Peru, Belize, and Mexico assess and execute projects year round to ensure sustainable and valuable development projects for our host communities and for you. These projects are the foundation of every ProWorld program. By joining ProWorld, you become agents of positive change in the lives of others and your own life.

The vital economic support from your program fees strengthens the positive impact of hands-on work by volunteers. Program fees pay for your experiences and support our host community economies in the forms of project materials purchases, local salaries, host family payments, and local purchases. To date, this capital injection by ProWorld and its volunteers to our host communities is over $3.3 million dollars

Project Model
ProWorld is a project driven organization. Our mission is to promote social and economic development in the communities in which we serve. This requires an earnest assessment of the needs of each community and the execution of well thought out, responsible projects.

Research, Assess & Collaborate
Projects are selected based on needs defined by our host communities and the various project stakeholders. Projects are executed in collaboration with a cross section of the host community, with project ownership and overall leadership ultimately resting on the community members themselves.

Teams of ProWorld Project Coordinators work year round with our host communities assessing needs, thinking creatively, and setting long-term goals for sustainable development projects

Project Portfolios
  • Health
    • Clinical Work
    • Public Health Education and Research Work
    • Rural Outreach and Field Clinics
  • Environment
    • Conservation and Environmental Protection
    • Environmental Education
    • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Social and Economic Development
    • Appropriate Technology
    • Community Development
    • Construction
    • Education
    • Fine Arts
    • Human and Legal Rights
    • Journalism
    • Micro Business

Internship Placement Procedure
You will be placed in projects based upon three main criteria: the needs of the community, how you will most successfully contribute to that host community, and your interests and skills. Projects are assigned by Site Directors whose experience and onsite knowledge ensure placements that maximize the use of your skills and the benefit for the community.

Development projects in Latin America are constantly evolving and are often unpredictable by nature. As a result, success requires an openness and flexibility on your part, a willingness to learn from the experience, and an understanding of your contribution to the long-term project goals. Creative thinking, adaptability, and persistence are skills essential to every development worker.

Project placement procedures are:

1. You select the program type, duration, and project portfolio of interest. You provide details on skills, interests, academic background, and professional experiences.
2. Program Directors evaluate your applications and project preferences to best match you with a project maximizing benefit to the community.

Volunteers who are staying for longer periods of time and have higher levels of project related experience or language skills are more likely to receive their first project preference.

"If I had stayed at home, I probably would have done nothing, but instead I learned so much about the culture and about health care and medicine in general." - Katie
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