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Intern Abroad in Mexico
Mexico is a country of diverse and ancient cultures, rich in tradition, history and religion, yet with a modern economy and tourism infrastructure. Mexico dates back approximately 10,000 years with its first known culture, the Olmec, creating the first civilization around 1500 B.C. Modern Mexico can be said to be a blend of two cultures originating from the Spanish conquest of the Aztec civilization in 1521.

To explore Mexico is to walk through rain forests and along tropical beaches, to traverse vast deserts and gaze at snow-capped volcanoes, and to walk the streets of teeming cities, sleepy indigenous villages, chic resorts and the ruined cities of the great Aztec, Maya and other civilizations that flourished here centuries ago.

The city of Oaxaca offers an extraordinary array of cultural activities and serves as a logistical base for international students and travelers. One look at the cobbled streets, shaded squares, colonial churches and busy markets and it is clear why UNESCO declared Oaxaca a World Heritage Site in 1987. The city and surrounding communities also boast numerous museums exploring the culture and tradition of the area. The city is in close proximity to some of Mexico's best preserved archaeological areas, and is surrounded by communities renowned for their cultural diversity and the quality of local crafts.

The state of Oaxaca is one of the most ethnically diverse in all of the 31 states in Mexico. The many indigenous groups in the area boast over 90 dialects in 14 distinct languages. It also has the greatest biodiversity and variety of natural terrain of any state in Mexico. Within a few hours, you can travel from the sandy beaches of the Pacific coastline to tropical jungles to thickly forested mountains of over 10,000 feet.

Intern Abroad with ProMexico
NGO Internship - Supported internships in ProMexico host communities with language classes, excursions and homestay immersion. You will live in communities near a ProMexico office and 2 to 18 other NGO Interns, work alone or in small groups, and have extensive staff support.

Recent ProMexico volunteers have...

  • Taught sales-based English to Zapotec women in a weaving cooperative
  • Worked at a local health clinic and studied cervical cancer rates in communities
  • Worked on a state-wide AIDS awareness campaign
  • Helped educate rural women of their reproductive rights
  • Performed hearing tests on disadvantaged children with auditory problems
  • Helped promote local agriculture and provided nutrition education
  • Supported rural primary school teachers in the classroom
  • Worked with local museums seeking grants and cataloguing artifacts
More than three fourths of Oaxaqueños have no access to primary health care and continue to suffer from easily preventable illnesses. Oaxaca has the highest maternal and infant mortality rate in Mexico, and clinics often lack sufficient staff and medication.

ProMexico Health Interns take part in rural outreach programs, collaborate with health promoters to develop health education strategies, research basic health care issues and work in local clinics. You will help improve basic health care at the grass-roots level where the impact can be the most significant

Health projects in Mexico
  • Public Health Education and Research Work
  • Rural Social Work and Outreach
  • Clinical Work
Oaxacan communities struggle with the effects of deforestation caused by expanding agricultural areas, fires and legal and illegal logging. The resulting environmental destruction causes various social problems that have harmful consequences on whole communities. Many rural farmers are forced to migrate to the US or other parts of Mexico because of an inability to support themselves on subsistence farming.

ProMexico Environmental Interns support grass-roots efforts to protect the environment assisting local NGO's with forest certification, forest conservation and working to provide support for local eco-tourism projects.
  • Conservation & Environmental Protection 
  • Environmental Education 
  • Sustainable Agriculture
ProMexico's host communities face many obstacles to sustainable economic growth including limited education, cultural discrimination, government corruption, high unemployment, unskilled workforces and a lack of private sector investment.

ProMexico Social and Economic Interns work on a wide variety of projects including classroom education support, tutoring, small business development, recreational activities with children and the elderly, women's center support services and various other forms of community development.

Social and Economic Development projects in Mexico
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Human and Legal Rights
  • Micro Business
Throughout your NGO program, ProMexico offers cultural visits, adventure trips and mini-projects. Based on duration excursions may include:
Visiting Monte Alban and other pre-Colombian ruins
Participating in community festivals and visiting artisan villages (weaving, carving, pottery)
Hiking through Oaxaca's Sierra Norte mountains or visiting other natural wonders (caves, rock formations, waterfalls)
During free weekends, volunteers can also plan their own adventures

"Mi familia fue divertidísima y la clínica fue todo lo que no sabía que quería y más. Estas tres semanitas son do las mejores de mi vida así que en serio muchas gracias!" - Ana Paula
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