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Environmental Projects
From protecting and educating tourists about native forests in the Sacred Valley, Peru to working in a national park in Belize to conserving much-needed water in the Oaxacan desert of Mexico, ProWorld’s environmental projects come from the communities to protect their valuable natural resources. Below are some of your options for environmental projects.

Ecotourism Chicon
Work to improve the standard of living for community members of Chicon while helping to preserve the natural beauty of the remaining local forests. You will train community members as tour guides in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, educating them about adventure tourism and customer service while learning about native flora and fauna, environmental preservation methods and, medicinal plants. You may also help teach community members English, marketing, business management, and reforestation techniques. An additional option is to work with local school children on Environmental Education fieldtrips.
Clean Burning Stove Project
Protect the native, endangered forests of the Sacred Valley while helping to improve the health of its community members. A majority of the rural agricultural population in the province of Urubamba cooks indoors over an open fire without adequate ventilation. In order to address the issue of deforestation for fuel and health issues related to inadequate ventilation, ProPeru started the Clean Burning Stove Project. By installing fuel-efficient wood stoves with proper ventilation, you will help reduce the amount of wood consumed by community members while simultaneously reducing illnesses related to smoke inhalation. An additional option is to work with local school children on Environmental Education fieldtrips.

Elijo Panti National Park
Elijo Panti National Park is the newest national park in Belize. You will work with the Itzamna Society to establish systems to help handle tourists in Elijo Panti National Park. Work will include establishing the park’s infrastructure, road and trail construction or renovation, building construction, and environmental protection.
Itzamna Society
Join the Itzamna Society in its quest to preserve the environment and culture of Belize. You will participate in programs designed to promote the preservation of biodiversity and local culture in the San Antonio village area. Additionally, you will work with governmental and non-governmental agencies to conserve Belize’s remaining natural resources.

Instituto de la Naturaleza y la Sociedad de Oaxaca, S.C. (INSO)
Protect the natural habitat that provides water, climate control, and sustenance to those living on and near the San Felipe Mountains. You will help in one or more of INSO’s three main areas of interest: information and exchange, alternative technology, and conservation. Working in conjunction with INSO staff, you will participate in projects designed to address deforestation, soil and water contamination, and urban growth.

Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca
El Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca (or the Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca) occupies the courtyard of the stunning Ex-Convent Santo Domingo in the city's center. The garden - formerly used by the military for training - covers 2.3 hectares and is home to hundreds of different species of flora found within the state of Oaxaca. The garden serves as a laboratory for scholars (as does the adjoining botanical library), a classroom for environmental education and awareness initiatives, a venue for expositions and cultural events, and a park for the enjoyment of Oaxacans and tourists.
"I had a life changing experience while I was here and I feel extremely grateful to each of you for putting me with a wonderful family, great classes and an amazing project opportunity." - Maggie
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