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ProWorld Intern Abroad Overview
NGO Intern Abroad Program

Personalized and guided projects based on the needs of the community and skills of each volunteer

  • 2 to 26 week program
  • Intensive orientation
  • Weekly project support and contact
  • Interns live in communities near a ProWorld office and 2 to 18 other NGO Interns
  • Full room and board with a local family
  • Spanish classes (Peru and Mexico only)
  • Individual or small group development projects
  • Weekly cultural and adventure experiences
Volunteer Abroad Requirements
ProWorld volunteers should be adventurous, caring, sensible, humble, and curious individuals. With those qualities, you will have a chance to learn and grow while contributing to the communities which ProWorld serves. ProWorld will give you the support and guidance but you have to supply the sweat and effort to make the projects work.  Development projects are constantly evolving and often unpredictable, so you have to be open and flexible. Your creative thinking, adaptability, and persistence can make any project a success.
ProWorld starts preparing volunteers well before they arrive on site. ProWorld Program Directors and a personalized web page guide each volunteer through the application process and preparation for their program. On site orientation, led by Program Directors, professors and local community members, will show you all the ins and outs of your program including health and safety, office and project locations, meeting your homestay family, and classes.

Interns Abroad become a part of their home stay families.  Volunteers gain immeasurable insight into local life while living with pre-selected and carefully screened home stay families and develop language and cross-cultural communication skills. ProWorld's homestay families are close community friends who provide warm, safe, and authentic living experiences. Volunteers find all of their basic needs met with and all housing options provide volunteers with beds, indoor plumbing and showers.
Development Projects
The center of the Intern Abroad experience is a hands-on, collaborative development project. Projects range from small, single day infrastructural improvements to multi-year initiatives incorporating all the ProWorld project portfolios. For details on projects please see the Project pages.

Host Communities
Our projects wouldn't happen without our host communities.  ProWorld works closely with each community to develop long-term and sustainable projects. These ongoing projects are supported by continual communication and collaboration. Communities are selected on the basis of their leadership, initiative, project proposal, track record, safety, and degree of economic need.

Cultural and Adventure Activities
Adventure and cultural activities during each program highlight the beauty of our host communities and enable volunteers to gain further appreciation for the history and richness of our host cultures. Explore the pages on Peru, Belize and Mexico to find out about the activities.

Intensive Spanish (Peru and Mexico)
To maximize the Intern experience abroad, ProWorld offers private and small group Spanish classes in Peru and Mexico. Instructors are chosen for each participant based on written and oral evaluations of his or her fluency. Classes, Monday through Thursday, focus on fluency and oral communication skills. Language instruction is provided by highly qualified private teachers, language institutes, and universities. Language acquisition on ProWorld programs is greatly increased by the immersive nature of the experience and continual support by instructors.

Onsite Support Staff and Professors
Program Directors, Project Coordinators, professors and support staff are composed of local and foreign professionals. Volunteer to staff ratios never exceed 8 to 1. The guidance, wisdom, and support of the ProWorld team help ensure safe and productive program experiences.  Often, the relationships between staff and volunteers are as important as those with community members and homestay families.  Meet some of the people you will be working with at our staff page.

Continual Evaluation
Project Coordinators meet with volunteers on an ongoing basis to ensure that community members and volunteers are working effectively and that goals are achieved. At the end of each program, volunteers participate in exit interviews with Program Directors. These meetings provide closure and documentation for each volunteer's project successes and experiences as well as helping ProWorld improve projects and programs.

Application Dates:
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Apply early to ensure your position with ProWorld.
Early Application 3 months prior to program start or sooner
Application Deadline 1 month prior
Total Fee Due 1 month prior
NGO Intern Abroad
Start 1st Saturday of every month (except December)
Completion Monday 2 - 12 weeks after your start date

Internships are often accredited by a student's home university. ProWorld Project Coordinators supervise and review the performance of interns. Please, meet with your study abroad or academic advisor prior to the program to ensure credits transfer appropriately.

Financial Aid
Financial aid may be used for both direct and indirect costs associated with study abroad. You must apply through your home institution to receive financial aid for ProWorld programs.

Scholarships and Fundraising
ProWorld awards thousands of dollars in scholarships and discounts every year. In addition, ProWorld can supply you with tools to help you fundraise or seek other scholarships to pay for your program.
Also be helpful to read about how to seek an alternative financial aid - as an example payday loans - how does it work read next post.

Visit the Financing page to find more information about financial aid, scholarships and fundraising.

Program Fees
NGO Intern Abroad
Weeks 2 3 4 5 Extra
$ $1,795 $2,140 $2,485 $2,830 $345
£ £995 £1,190 £1,385 £1,580 £195

Program fees include:
  • Full room and board with a host family
  • Funding of your development project
  • Regular project support throughout your program
  • Small group Spanish classes (not included in Belize)
  • Trips to local cultural events, organized adventures, and archeological site visits
  • 24 hour emergency contact with Staff
  • Daily access to ProWorld Offices, meeting and lounge spaces

Program fees do not include: international airfare, passport or visa fees, independent travel during the program, or personal expenses. Program fees may change without notice due to currency exchanges.

"My co-workers gave me so much responsibility - I got to lead consulting projects, write articles, and give a tourist's perspective on Peruvian crafts." - Madeleine
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