Hannah Trachtman, ProPeru NGO Intern

A volunteer joining us here at ProPeru in her gap year, Hannah showed maturity far beyond her years. She brought an enthusiasm and happy attitude to her work that was infective to all those around her—even when collecting stool samples—one of many tasks she participated in as a health volunteer. Hannah showed creativity and displayed her fun spirit in putting together and performing mini-plays designed to educate the community about various health issues. She was a hard and independent worker who embraced her experience here, never said ‘no’ to a task or assignment and who understood her role as a gracious guest and humble volunteer. She is now a freshman at Harvard.

"ProPeru was a life changing experience for me. When I came I wasn't really sure who I was or where I wanted to be in the future but after what I have seen and done with ProPeru I have a clearer picture.” - Rebecca
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