Molly McGilicuddy, ProBelize NGO Intern

Molly volunteered with ProBelize for 14 weeks from February 4 until May 14, 2006 as an assistant teacher at Saint Andrews Primary School. Beyond her required duties, she taught her own art class after school. Art being limited in Belizean schools Molly found herself filling a much needed gap in the curriculum, and soon many kids were showing up, excited to have this opportunity to learn and express there artistic abilities. When Molly returned home she was determined not to let her experience in Belize end. She began collecting book donations from her church and sent several hundred books to Saint Andrews Primary School Library. Also, Molly keeps in constant communication with her host family as well as with ProBelize staff. She made the most of every day in Belize, was dedicated to her work, and made a lasting positive impression on the community.

"My co-workers gave me so much responsibility - I got to lead consulting projects, write articles, and give a tourist's perspective on Peruvian crafts." - Madeleine
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