Pamela Lin, ProMexico NGO Intern

Pamela spent two months with ProMexico at the beginning of the year supporting El Centro Oaxaqueno de Rehabilitacion de Audicion y Lenguaje (CORAL). Unaffected by her limited level of Spanish she quickly connected with parents, students and staff in this school for the deaf that provides extensive oral therapies to children with profound hearing loss. Pamela, herself deaf, worked closely with the parents to help them each better understand their child's special need and how to best help him/her to grow, learn and integrate him/herself into society. In a short period of time Pamela made a large impact on the CORAL community.

"ProPeru was a life changing experience for me. When I came I wasn't really sure who I was or where I wanted to be in the future but after what I have seen and done with ProPeru I have a clearer picture.” - Rebecca
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