Advisors and Faculty
ProWorld’s programs are a chance for students to grow and learn in an international setting, but that doesn’t mean faculty and advisors don’t benefit as well. From site visits to faculty-led trips, ProWorld gives you a chance to expand your horizons as you help your students expand theirs.
Faculty-led Trips
ProWorld’s faculty-led trips are fully customizable and include experiential learning, hands-on development work, and cultural immersion with the option of academic classes taught by you or local professors. Choose your project in healthcare, the environment, or social and economic development, live with homestay families or in group housing, and see the sites of Peru, Belize, or Mexico.
Accredited Study Abroad and Internships
ProWorld’s semester abroad programs in Peru are accredited by Jacksonville University, in Belize by the University of Belize, and in Mexico by Western Washington University. We have also recently added accreditation for our NGO and Field Internships. We will also work closely with you and your students if you would like to grant credit directly for your students on our internship programs.
Site Visits
Whether you are planning a faculty-led program or have sent students on our semester abroad or internship programs, ProWorld would love to have you see our sites first-hand. Site visits give you a chance to meet with onsite staff, tour academic facilities and talk with local professors, sit in on classes, talk with current participants, explore current and past development projects, visit with homestay families and evaluate group housing, and tour the community where students will be living, working and studying. If your school is a ProWorld affiliate, we will also share the costs of the trip.
Perhaps the best way to take advantage of what ProWorld has to offer, affiliation gives your school greater ProWorld benefits and support. You will get exclusive scholarships for semester and internship students, financial aid and direct billing ease, and exclusive marketing support and grants for your programs. With affiliation, ProWorld also provides site visits for faculty and administrators, visits from ProWorld staff to your school, and extensive safety and liability coverage when your students are on our programs.
“I'm studying undergraduate business, and my project at Arariwa was an amazing way for me to share my knowledge and learn more about the international economy." - Madeleine
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