Now that you’ve traveled abroad, learned something new, experienced a different culture, helped create sustainable development, and changed personally, what’s next? If you have just come back what’s next may be “reverse culture shock” or wondering how to apply your experiences. If you’ve been back for a while maybe you are wondering how your project is doing or maybe you are considering a career in international development or maybe you want to come back to ProWorld.

ProWorld is running an alumni program this summer to give you a chance to do it all one more time.



Coming home from time abroad can be a challenging and difficult time, and it can also be the time when you learn the most from your cross-cultural experience. Re-entry can be defined as the often unexpected and sometime difficult experience of re-adjusting to life in one's home culture after living abroad. Some returnees do not find re-entry to be difficult; however, most returnees experience some degree of stress upon returning home. Re-entry is different for everyone, just as your experience abroad was unique and special.  ProWorld has tips and documents on re-adjusting to your home culture.

Your Resume and Job Opportunities
More and more hiring managers are seeking employees that have cross-cultural competencies. They are not necessarily seeking out people who have international experiences, but rather the transferable skills learned while abroad.  ProWorld can help you demonstrate some of these desirable skills on your resume, in your cover letter, and in job interviews. Even if your career goals at the moment are focused domestically, you can still promote the transferable skills that you have gained while with ProWorld.

ProWorld also has an extensive list of work, internship, scholarship, and volunteer opportunities for you to explore both domestically and internationally.

ProWorld is working to keep you and current and future volunteers updated on the projects you worked so hard on. To that end, we’re creating blogs for each of our ongoing projects. Visit our Blogs page to find your project and see how it is progressing. You can also post comments to the blogs to help volunteers in their work.

Alumni Trip and Discounts

We want you back. We are planning an alumni group trip that may become an annual event. Check back here for more details. If you can’t wait for that trip, come back anytime and get ProWorld’s $200 alumni discount on any of our programs.


"If I had stayed at home, I probably would have done nothing, but instead I learned so much about the culture and about health care and medicine in general." - Katie
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