The third part of ProWorld's mission is to cultivate educated compassionate global citizens. ProWorld’s volunteer and education abroad programs will open your eyes to a new culture, give you a chance to make a difference, and provide you with hands-on experience in development work, cross-cultural communication, and a foreign language.
Make a Difference
From a two week internship to a three month semester, every one of our participants contributes to sustainable development. Those development projects are at the core of what ProWorld does and without you, our participants, we couldn’t do it. Although you may see yourself as only one volunteer, as part of the greater whole of ProWorld, you are changing the world one community at a time. 
Your time in a foreign country is reason enough to volunteer or study abroad. The experiences you will have while you travel may change you forever and as one of our volunteers put it, “I mean if I had stayed at home, I probably would have done nothing, but instead I learned so much about the culture and about health care and medicine in general.”
Besides the fact that you’re able to get credit for a semester abroad or an internship, the world education you will receive is immeasurable. It may be cliché, but we live in a global society and the more you learn about the rest of the world, the more you will be able to contribute to your own part of it. Your opportunity abroad is also a chance to learn a foreign language. There is nothing better than practicing vocabulary in a classroom and then stepping outside to use it in your everyday interactions.
Professional Experience
Development work, travel, cultural experience, and language and academic education all add up to a stronger resume. We hope you come on our programs to contribute, but we want you to know that you will get something out of it as well. More and more companies are doing business with a diverse population across the globe and your experiences with ProWorld make you a better candidate in any field whether you are still in school, taking a break from your job, or looking for a new career.
So now that you know why to join ProWorld, what can you do?
Semester Abroad
ProWorld’s semester abroad is a twist on traditional study abroad. Not only will you have the chance to study about a country first-hand, but you also have a chance to contribute to that country with a hands-on development project. The semester also includes full room and board with a homestay family, cultural and adventure excursions, academic and language classes with local and international professors, plus more.
ProWorld’s internships are an opportunity to work side-by-side with community members in Peru, Belize and Mexico, take small group or one-on-one Spanish classes with native speakers, live with a local family, explore the natural and man-made sites, and immerse yourself in a different culture. ProWorld offers internships in health care, the environment, and social and economic development.
Group Programs
Gather seven of your friends or colleagues and do something meaningful with your vacation on a ProWorld group program. Projects are available in construction, education, health care, environmental conservation, and more. You choose the dates, duration, and location. Full room and board is provided in guest house accommodations and cultural and adventure excursions are tailored to your group.
“The multifaceted nature of its program (with the project, homestay, excursions, and Spanish classes) sets ProPeru apart from other volunteer organizations." - Leigh
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