Affiliate Program
ProWorld looks to build relationships with colleges and universities around the world to further our mission of cultivating educated compassionate global citizens. ProWorld affiliation helps students, faculty, and schools make a difference; grow personally, academically, and professionally; and add value to your school through a hands-on understanding of global issues. Affiliation also carries benefits for your school including: exclusive scholarships and grants; ProWorld marketing support for your program; site visits; and extensive safety and liability coverage.
Why Affiliate?
Make a Difference
Sustainable and valuable development projects in our host communities serve as the foundation of every ProWorld program. By joining ProWorld your college or university becomes an agent of positive change in the lives of others and your students.
In addition to your direct work on development projects your participation also serves as an economic stimulant to our host communities in the forms of: project contributions, local salaries, host family payments and local purchases. ProWorld has contributed in excess of $120,000 directly to community projects and has infused over $1,400,000 into our host communities’ economies.
Personal Growth
Consisting of experiential learning, hands-on development work and cultural immersion, every ProWorld program challenges its participants to grow as individuals and as members of our global community. Students and faculty gain skills in development work, leadership and cross-cultural communication.
Build Relationships
Students and faculty develop meaningful relationships with families and local community members by working and learning together. These bonds produce tremendous opportunities for cross-cultural learning and self-reflection.
Relationships with other participants are created through shared experiences, academic challenges and team projects. These friendships provide a deep and satisfying peer to peer support system, whose primary strength is the exceptional nature of individuals attracted to ProWorld.   For many participants, these relationships continue to flourish well after the program has completed.
Safety and Security
Outsourcing your study abroad and faculty led programs to ProWorld enables your faculty members to focus on learning and teaching, while ProWorld focuses on the logistical and programmatic details necessary for a safe and productive program. 
In addition to thorough safety and security measures throughout the program your school and students are covered by our extensive liability and health care policies. For more information, please visit Safety and Health.
ProWorld Staff Support
The professional and experienced ProWorld team is there for your school at every step of your program. A ProWorld Executive Advisor works directly with faculty and administrators throughout the entire process of program development. ProWorld Administrators provide additional logistical and programmatic support. On-site Program Directors begin discussions and program specific support with faculty 2-12 months before your program begins. A team of 2-3 ProWorld staffers greets your group at the airport and works with the group throughout the program. Meet the ProWorld team.
Value to Your School
By combining study abroad and faculty led programs with immersive community development projects your school differentiates itself from others. This unique model of learning enables your school to recruit exceptional students with a vision for global issues and improving the world in which they live. Your school can proudly display the sustainable development projects completed in collaboration with ProWorld.
Site Visits
A site visit gives faculty and administrators the chance to see ProWorld programs for themselves. Visits last about five days and give you a chance to:
  • Meet with onsite staff
  • Tour academic facilities and talk with local professors
  • Sit in on classes (when available)
  • Talk with current participants
  • Explore current and past development projects
  • Visit with homestay families and evaluate group housing
  • Tour the community where the group will be living, working and studying
Following formal commitment from your institution ProWorld will coordinate and share the cost of a visit to the program site.  We are also planning site visits for this summer, find out more by clicking here.
Marketing Grant
ProWorld provides extensive marketing support to the faculty and administration: a custom web page, printed materials, posters, telephone support and email communication. The faculty leader and study abroad office are responsible for utilizing the ProWorld support and creating on-site publicity to recruit students. With affiliation you will also be eligible for a marketing grant to use to market the program on campus.

ProWorld rewards affiliation with our scholarship program. Affiliate schools can award two NGO Interns a $500 scholarship each, during our low season (September to April), or one semester student a $1000 scholarship. As more students from your school join ProWorld’s programs, you will have more access to greater scholarships.

"I had a life changing experience while I was here and I feel extremely grateful to each of you for putting me with a wonderful family, great classes and an amazing project opportunity." - Maggie
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