Create your Program
ProWorld works closely with faculty, administrators and students throughout the program process. Create a customized study abroad or faculty led program for your school through the following process:
Partnership program locations are:
Peru – Urubamba, Sacred Valley of the Incas
Peru – Cusco, Andean Capital
Belize- San Ignacio, Tropical Forest
Mexico – Oaxaca, Central Highlands
Programs schedules are customized to meet the needs of your institution and are available as semester, quarter or short term programs throughout the year.
Program Cost
Fees are determined based on the programs designed for each individual school and range from $950 per student.
The Process
Select Site, Program Details, and Dates
Through conversations with a ProWorld Program Advisor, your school determines the appropriate location, curriculum, professors, development projects, housing, adventures, travel arrangements and dates.
(3-18 months before the program)
Pricing and Final Program Details
Based on the program details, ProWorld provides an adjustable price quote with multiple program options. Through final selections by your school, ProWorld provides a detailed program profile for administrative approval. 
(1 week after initial discussion)
Administrative Approval
The program profile is presented for approval at your school.
(1-4 week duration, depending on school)
Marketing, Recruitment and Site Visit
ProWorld provides extensive marketing support to the faculty and administration: a custom web page, printed materials, posters, telephone support and email communication. The faculty leader and study abroad office are responsible for utilizing the ProWorld support and creating on-site publicity to recruit students. Following formal commitment from your institution ProWorld will coordinate and share the costs of a visit to the program site by faculty or administrators.
(2-4 month duration, or until the program is filled)
Pre-Program Preparation
Students prepare for the program through faculty led discussions or classes, printed pre-program materials from ProWorld and conference call meetings with all students and the ProWorld Program Advisor. On-site staff members work closely with the community to plan and prepare the project and program experience.
(1-2 months before the program)
Arrival On Site!
ProWorld staff members greet students and faculty at the airport for an introduction to their program site and a 1-3 day program orientation.
The Program
Students, faculty, community members and support staff work, learn and explore together while providing significant value to our host community and program participants.
Post Program
Community members and ProWorld staff follow up with students and faculty to reinforce relationships, build sustainability and begin planning for next the partnership program with your school.
“I'm studying undergraduate business, and my project at Arariwa was an amazing way for me to share my knowledge and learn more about the international economy." - Madeleine
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