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ProWorld supports sustainable, collaborative and effective development projects within each host community through university partnerships and individual student programs.

Community development projects are a part of all ProWorld programs. The collaborative project serves as a major component of the experiential and academic program. ProWorld matches the skills and interests of each group with the appropriate community proposed project. Current project areas include:
Health Care – Vaccinate children and provide health education
Education and Literacy – Teach in local schools and tutor small groups
Environmental Protection – Reforest depleted ecosystems and reintroduce lost species
Micro Business – Teach basic business skills to a women’s cooperative or artisan group
Construction – Build an elementary school
Internships – Individual skill based projects
For more information about our current projects, please visit the Projects pages
"I really think that all prospective doctors should have an experience like this so they can appreciate all the good things about the American health care system and to have a cross cultural comparison." - Katie
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