Research Partnerships

ProWorld's innovative research model allows professors to do original research in the field without being present at all times.  ProWorld will work with your institution to create a laboratory where your students and our participants can explore health, environmental, and social and economic issues.  Students will create original results that can be analyzed on-site or at your home institution for publishing.

  • Peru - Urubamba, Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Peru - Cusco, Andean Capital
  • Belize - San Ignacio, Tropical Forest
  • Mexico - Oaxaca, Central Highlands
  • India - Opening in 2009
  • New programs where your faculty wish to research
Research Areas
  • Health
    • Public Health
    • Nutrition
    • Epidemiology
  • Environment
    • Environmental Health
    • Climate Change
    • Conservation
  • Social and Economic Development
    • Human and Legal Rights
    • Microfinance and Micro Business
    • Education Systems
The Process
With the help of a ProWorld Program Advisor your school selects an appropriate site and the project parameters and determines when the primary researcher will be on-site to create the project.  Professors are encouraged to come down with a group of their students to set up the initial research and return once a year with their students to maintain the research.  ProWorld will work with your school for administrative approval.  After the initial project program, ProWorld can work to place your students or our interns in the project to continue the research when the primary researcher is not on site.

ProWorld provides:
  • Pre-trip organizational support and materials
  • Help marketing the program with your organization
  • Travel arrangements
  • Intensive onsite orientation
  • Coordination and funding of group or individual development projects
  • Group or homestay living with full room and board
  • Daily staff support and contact
  • Local adjunct professors on request
  • Curriculum development, and available classrooms and offices
  • Weekly adventure and cultural experiences
  • Post-program follow up from the community 
  • Extensive safety and liability coverage
"Personally coming to Belize was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After this experience I’ll never forget Belize! I expect that I’ll return in the future." - WWU Student
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