Transcripts and Credits
ProWorld provides academic credits for semester programs and some internship programs.  For those students seeking academic credit, ProWorld provides an official transcript from our accrediting institution.  Course descriptions and syllabi are also available for each course. 
The ProWorld accrediting institutions are:
Jacksonville University (JU) – ProPeru semester programs.
The University of Belize (UB) – ProBelize semester programs
Western Washington University (WWU) ProMexico semester programs
Seattle Central Community College (SCC) – Internship Credits
Credit Approval
ProWorld academic programs are challenging, rewarding and comprehensive.  We take pride in the quality and academic integrity of our programs, and will help in any way possible to facilitate course approval for students. Upon request we will provide:
  • Course descriptions
  • Syllabi & Contact hours
  • Site Visit Opportunities – learn more
"I feel like I dove in quickly and I was fortunate to work with a welcoming, open, and trusting community that allowed me to do so.  I definitely would love to come back!" - Erin
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