Our Project Model
Research, Assess & Collaborate
Projects are selected based on the needs defined by our host communities and the various project stakeholders. Projects are executed in collaboration with a cross section of the host community, with project ownership and overall leadership ultimately resting on the community members themselves.

Teams of ProWorld Project Coordinators work year round with our host communities assessing needs, thinking creatively, and setting long-term goals for sustainable development projects.
Project Planning Steps
1. Listen to community leaders and assess their needs and project proposals.
2. Work with community to create a budget, assess and agree on the community collaboration contribution
3. Assign ProWorld funds and match individuals or groups of participants with the project
4. Establish a project calendar and begin work
5. Thoughtfully execute and evaluate the work
6. Inaugurate completed project
Use of Funds:


A minimum financial contribution of $100 to $400 is made on behalf of each volunteer for their specific project, to ensure an equitable and supportive relationship with our host communities. Additionally, we invest a large portion of the volunteer’s tuition into resources to support their experience. Volunteer project contributions augment community contributions in the form of local staff salaries, homestay support, and purchases of goods and services on behalf of the volunteer.

ProWorld has contributed in excess of $120,000 directly to community projects and infused over $1.4M into our host communities, based on this business and development model.

For a more detailed analysis, please see the Why Join ProWorld page
"I had the unique opportunity to completely engulf myself into a new culture while helping to contribute to sustainable development with the support from the staff at ProPeru.” - Matt
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